Saturday, September 26, 2009

Two refurbished Magnavox recorders with hard disk ($130 and $160)

If you are into hard-disk-based DVD recorders, but don't want to spend top dollars for import models or designer-brand-names on eBay, there is an alternative!

Right now, J&R World has refurbished Magnavox-brand HDD-based DVD recorders offered for $130 and $160 respectively.

The two models are the 80gb Magnavox H2080MW8, and the 160gb Magnavox H2160MW9. Both models come with free shipping and both are refurbished! I don't recall how these did in the user-reviews, but if you dig into your favorite AV forums, you will probably find more information.

Both models are in-stock and at this price as of this very moment. If you are reading this at a later date, both prices and availability may change, so be sure to check the date this blog-post was written.