Thursday, November 8, 2007

Meet the Magnavox H2080MW8, a new hard disk DVD recorder making a stealth viral apperance at Walmart

A new DVD recorder with an 80gb hard disk has quietly shown up on some Walmart stores around the country and costs $200 and it is the Magnavox H2080MW8. Where to get more details? At this very exciting thread at AVSforum discussing the Magnavox H2080MW8. The discussion is currently seven pages long and growing.

While this obviously has a single tuner, the fact that it has NTSC, ATSC and QAM tuners make it an interesting alternative for people who may not want to pay $10 to $13 per month to rent a DVR. This $200 model is roughly the price equivalent of 15 months of DVR rental fees. Of course you don't get the more "advanced" features of the DVR, and you still need a cable box if you are using digital cable and you would have to program both the Magnavox and the cable box for non-clear digital channels.

Of course you could always use them together, especially if you use the DVR box to record high definition programming. Since HD programming eats up space like crazy, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use the Magnavox to record all the standard definition programs.

This is a very intersting option in my opinion because of the $200 starting price. If it starts at $200, it will likely start dropping, just like most electronics do.

Stay tuned by following the Magnavox H2080MW8 discussion at the AVSforum.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The first crash!

It took a while since I got this DVR box to get a crash, I almost forgot that these boxes actually crash. (In stark contrast to the Pace Vegas box that crashed every day when in use). This DCT 3416 I box has been running non-stop crash-free since I got it on September 20, 2007, a total of 43 days.

So what was the crash? The progress bar remained stuck on the screen, the video and picture continued with playback, and neither the buttons on the front of the box nor on the remote were responsive. After letting it be for a few minutes (giving it a chance to recover on its own), I pulled the plug. I had a feeling there might be a crash coming up because there was some performance sluggishness since yesterday, so I guess a healthy crash/reboot was in order to clean the pipes :)