Thursday, September 20, 2007

Installation and Activation of the Motorola DCT 3416

I am using Comcast Cable and this is not my first DVR! The new season is upon us so I am upgrading from the Pace Vegas standard definition dual tuner DVR to this Motorola DCT 3416 I dual tuner HD DVR. Before the Pace Vegas, I had the Motorola 6412 and 3412 DVRs as well.

Since the last time I got a new Comcast box, Comcast seems to have changed their activation procedure. You obviously still have to call their toll-free customer service and they send the activation signal, but now, during activation, the DVR turns off the picture, and shows a zero (0) on the front panel display while it activates and downloads all the essentials. Pictures of that and the DVR box coming later on!

It pretty much looks like the other Motorola DVRs like the 3412 and 6412. This not to be confused with the newer DCH model, which unfortunately wasn't available in my area.

The box has RF In and RF Out. You connect the cable from the wall to the RF In, and you can use RF Out to connect to an older TV, VCR, computer with TV card, etc. It also has a set of yellow, white and red outputs (video, and audio LR), S-Video output, compoment output, and HDMI. Also the orange audio output (SPDIF). There are USB and SATA ports as well on the device, but I do not know what functionality they have. The USB port is powered so you can for example connect a notebook cooler/chill pad if you want to keep your DVR cooler.

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